Ultrasound Technicians Salary Information in USA

The ultrasound technician salary range varies by region, employer and experience. For example, you will earn a different salary based on whether you are working for a public or private healthcare facility, and salaries can be much higher or lower in certain states. New graduates will always start at the base pay, but if you have more ultrasound tech certifications, you can increase your salary quickly.

Base ultrasound technician salaries can be as low as $16 an hour, but the lowest range tends to be closer to $44,000 a year. The median ultrasound tech pay is $64,900, while those at the top of the profession earn over $88,000. Experience, combined with further certifications earned from the American Registry for Diagnostic Medical Sonography, will boost your salary when it comes time for your performance review.

Ultrasound technician assistant salaries ranking among various highest incomes of all medical related technician fields. Therefore, Monster.com referred to as diagnostics medical sonography just as the 2nd very best paying career you can find having an associates college degree, as examined to other associate college degree owners. High earnings possibilities, combined implementing great work outlook, tends to make sonography a well-liked option.

Ultrasound Tech Salary In USA

Salary growth is based both on the nature of the facility and on your work. An ultrasound technician earning the base pay will undergo an annual review to determine job performance and what sort of salary increase is reasonable. You can tip the ultrasound tech salary payscale for someone of your grade if you have earned further certifications. It is not uncommon for an ultrasound technician to have 5 or more certifications. This allows you to be flexible in your work and makes you a top candidate if you decide to move elsewhere.

Ultrasound tech salaries are on the rise overall. A 2006 survey by CNN ranked sonography as 1 of the 10 best-paying jobs for people with associates degrees. At that time, the ultrasound tech average salary was $52,490. With a leap of over $10,000 in 6 years, there has never been a better time to explore this career. Even though some states will have fewer job openings and you might need to work part-time at the outset, there is enormous room for growth and ultrasound technician career advancement.

ultrasound technician salary

Bureau of Labor Statistic comes with most recently released the exact current statistics for an annually sonography earnings. In the calendar year of 2014, these types of professionals made around $67,000+ per year or so. This particular amount is significantly higher as compared to the nationwide average of $42,700 a year. Ultrasound professionals received around $32.95 compared in order to the nationwide average of $21 in an hour. A good ultrasound technical assistant income is normally combined with paid out time off, vacation pay, along with insurance coverage benefits.

As a fresh graduate, you are not advised to negotiate on your initial ultrasound technician pay offer. Instead, take the opportunity to throw yourself into the job, show off your great training and prove that you are worth a higher wage. However, if you already have some work under your belt, ultrasound technician salaries are a free-for-all in this market. There are some areas where sonography is in very high demand, and it will not be unusual to see a good, highly certified ultrasound technician earning well over $75,000, despite not having many years of experience. Employers will want to hire you and offer a lucrative pay and benefits package if you have an excellent record and bring a lot to the table.

In addition to further certifications, higher degrees can boost an ultrasound technician pay. You might decide to pursue a bachelors or masters degree in the field. These degrees might ultimately take you away from patient care, but they will open new vistas in healthcare management, the shaping of public policy, research and teaching the new crop of ultrasound technicians.

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