Diagnostic Medical Sonographers Job Description

Diagnostic Medical Sonographers work under the instruction of the doctor and physicians. Diagnostic Sonographers use special kind of imaging equipment that redirect the sound waves into the patient’s body and this process known as “ultrasound”,  “echocardiogram”. Results of this process are used for the assessment and diagnose various medical situations.

Ultrasound process uses high frequency sound waves for produce images. Sonographers work is press the instrument called a transducer. This ultrasound transducer is used to produce the image of the patient’s body. This transudes emits the pulses of the sound wave that are bounce back due to the echoes. The echoes are sent back to the ultrasound machine and, which processes further and display them as images. Medical Sonographers are specialized in different part of the body

Diagnostic medical Sonographers typically perform following duties.

  1. Prepare all the patients for the procedure by taking all the previous history of patient, and answering the entire question related to the procedure.
  2. Prepare all the imaging equipment.
  3. Apply proper gel to the sound waves. It will help in the procedure, and also helpful for the machine.
  4. Operates all the equipment to get the result for proper diagnosis process.
  5. Analyze all the images for the quality and adequate coverage of the area which is require for the diagnosis process.
  6. Finding out the difference between normal and abnormal images.
  7. Analyze all images for the preliminary findings.
  8. Record finding and keep track of all old patient’s’ record as well as update it time to time.

Here we’ve example of specific types of Sonographers:-

1. Abdominal Sonographers:- Abdominal Sonographers specialized in imaging a patient’s cavity near by the organs inside the abdomen. Like: – liver, kidney, gallbladder, pancreas, spleen etc.

2. Breast Sonographers:- Breast Sonographers specialized in evaluating patient’s breast tissue. Sonography aids mammography in the detection of the diseases breast cancer. Sonography of breast is used to track cysts and tumors in breast cancer.

3. Musculoskeletal Sonographers:- These Sonographers specialized in ligaments, joints, muscles etc.

4. Neuro Sonographers:- specialize in patient’s nervous system.

5. Gynecologic Sonographers:- specialize in female reproductive system

According to a survey 71% medical Sonographers worked in hospital in 2014, and other worked in private industry. Health care centers. Sonographers mostly do their work at diagnostic imaging machines in dimly rooms. Sonographers may have to be on their feet for long time and sometimes may need to lift the unconscious patients.