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Ultrasound Technician News – Salary, Jobs, Schools In USA

Welcome to Ultrasound Technician News, it’s an online website built to deliver comprehensive and useful ultrasound technician data, statistics, and resources especially for prospective high ultrasound technician salary seekers in USA. In this site, You can also find exact sonographers programs, sonographer salary, current job outlooks, best ultrasound tech schools, new scholarships, online courses, bachelors or masters-level program and sonogram technician career information in United States of America.

ultrasound technician salary

Source: BLS

An Ultrasound technician also known as sonogram technician or diagnostic medical sonographers has the important job of diagnosing medical conditions in patients. They use an ultrasound machine to examine a patient’s inner body to locate any abnormalities, record the findings, and report them to the treating physician. Unlike X-Ray, radiation is not involved here. Instead, ultrasound shows the inside of the body using hi-frequency sound waves. These technicians can provide images that give the physician a better sense of what is needed for the course of medical treatment.

If you wish to be trained as an ultrasound tech then the time is now. You should get yourself enrolled in a university that offers the program for sonographers. You can check a few local colleges to know the different programs being offered and go to a university of your choice. You should also visit a few schools so that you can know the training facilities that will be offered. Schools tie up with hospitals to provide training to students so you can opt for a school that is tied up with the hospital you wish to work with in near future.

Ultrasound Technician Schools

There are huge possibilities of career growth and employment and also the advancement in upcoming years according to BLS (Bureau of Labor and Statistics) in USA. The number of technologist is expected to increase by 48% by the current ratio which is more than 56,000 Registered and Certified Ultrasound Technologists in USA.

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Because of this reason many of the high school graduates wants to make their career in medical field and the most interesting factor is that not only the student are interested in this field but even the persons who are already in the healthcare department and want to shift their career into this Ultrasound technology field. Some information is important when you are going to pursue this program.

Ultrasound Tech Education

Those interested in becoming a sonogram technician need to seek a formal education program. An associate’s degree program is the most popular path, but some decide on a bachelor’s degree or a certification program. Most of the programs are found at community colleges, technical/vocation schools, and universities. Those in the military can receive training at any unit, which provides it.

During training, students will learn about human anatomy to understand what to look for during testing. They must become knowledgeable about pathophysiology and obstetrics. In addition, they need to be trained on how to use the ultrasound equipment. After completing coursework, students must go through training in a hospital for hands-on experience. This is a requirement of the American Registry for Diagnostic Medical Sonography (ARDMS).

While certification isn’t required, it is recommended. Many employers prefer technicians to be certified because it shows how knowledgeable and skilled they are in Sonography. To receive certification, they need to pass the ARDMS certification exam. Re-certification is required, and involves taking continuing education courses.

Minimum requirements:

Like other programs or courses, this program needs at least from the students their basic schooling which a high school diploma. Although who are career shifters which are already in the health care department can get direct admission to the ultrasound technician schools with help of the previous experience in medical field.

Various training and courses:

CAAHEP affiliated more than 150 programs and courses but the basic courses are few to become an ultrasound technologist.

There are 3 types of Programs available for Sonographer:

  • Four Year Program: This is a bachelor degree which helps to get more experience in sonogram technician job work.
  • Two Year Program: This is an associate degree which can be beneficial for the ones who do not want to spend their time in studying.
  • One Year Program: This is another fast track option for the career shifters and for those who are already in the health care department and seeking for the master’s degree or other opportunity for development.

Difference Between Accredited and Non-Accredited Ultrasound Technician Schools

Employers are very particular about the certified or registered ultrasound technician. They give preference to the technicians which are accredited by CAAHEP (Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs).

Students which are graduated from affiliated school have strengthened the marketing value because the affiliated school has high standards than others. Most of the universities offer the affiliated courses by CAAHEP.

Here Are The Top 10 Ultrasound Technician Schools In USA

S. No.
Admission Info
School Name
1.TCHCP Free Admission Info The College of Health Care Professions
2.Platt College Free Admission Info Platt College
3.American Institute College of Health Professions Free Admission Info American Institute College of Health Professions
4.Kaplan College Free Admission Info Kaplan College
5.Sanford-Brown Free Admission Info Sanford-Brown
6.Sanford-Brown College Free Admission Info Sanford-Brown College
7.Keiser Career College Free Admission Info Keiser Career College
8.Keiser University Free Admission Info Keiser University
9.Daymar College Free Admission Info Daymar College
10.Sanford-Brown Institute Free Admission Info Sanford-Brown Institute

Alternatives modes for the students

The students who are not in condition to pay their attention in classroom daily with the time and money factor then ultrasound technician online programs are available for them to make it comfortable for them as well as for the professionals. They provide videos, forums and discussion boards through email and answer the queries of students related to the Sonography. The students study the same course online with depth of knowledge for Sonography as well as in a classroom.

Subjects which are offered by the Ultrasound Tech Schools:

  • Physics
  • Patient care
  • Introduction to Sonography
  • Use of instruments
  • Work ethics
  • Human physiology and Anatomy
  • Business Ethics
  • Medical laws

Now the time is to select the career as Ultrasound technologist is depended on you if you want to make your career in medical field because this is fastest growing field to enlighten the future with prosperity and advancement.

Job Outlook

The career prospects for a diagnostic medical sonographer are pretty good. If you have a good background and degree, you can hope to get a job that will pay you well. Technological advancements in this field are always on the rise. People come up with newer technology and technicians get the opportunity to get trained to use those technologies on a daily basis. Career options are better for those who are interested in specializing in a particular branch. If you do this, your wages will also increase.

This is just a basic, introductory job description that is designed to cover the initial, day-to-day expectations and the additional factors that may have been overlooked. This is a job that requires lots of skills and dedication but it also has the potential to be highly rewarding because of the technician’s role in the bigger picture and the potential for further advancement.

The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the field of ultrasound technology will grow 48 percent until 2020. With the baby boomers getting older, the need for this type of testing is increasing, which is fueling the demand for sonographers. These technicians are often misunderstood in terms of the amount of detailed work they have to undertake and their role within the hospital; some people form the idea that it is all about babies and monitoring pregnancies and overlook the other demands for ultrasound technology, such as internal injuries or vascular problems. This brief guide aims to show that there is more to the job than people realize and give a sense of what to expect for anyone that is considering entering the profession.

What Ultrasound Technicians Do?

Checking the internal organs of the patient’s body is the job of a technician. Transducer is a device that releases high frequency sound waves into the patient’s body. These sounds echo off the area that is targeted and present an image onto the computer. This helps technicians understand whether the person is suffering from any problem or not as it gives an insight into what is happening inside the body of the patient. This technique is widely used in pregnant women. It helps to know the growth and health of the baby.

They must be knowledgeable in anatomy and physiology since they must interpret the images ultrasound machines produce. They must also know how to operate the machine correctly. With experience comes a great deal of skill to be able to position the patient and machine to record the best images. These technicians must take patient past histories. They must be skilled at asking the right questions, and be able to identify some of the risk factors for diseases and illness, so they know what to look for during the examination process.

They also need to have good communication skills. These techs meet different people on a daily basis. Some have serious injuries that need to be checked. There are multiple reasons why a person meets up with an ultrasound tech and most of them sound scary. The job of the technician includes calming the person down. He or she should carry on their tests in such a way that the patient can hold their own.

Where Ultrasound Technicians Work?

Most technicians work in hospitals, and due to the advancement in ultrasound machine technology, they will go to patient rooms to conduct the examination. Some technicians work in an obstetrics or outpatient physician office where patients need ultrasound imaging. Most employers require technicians to work full time for 40 hours a week. Positions with flexible hours and part time are available in some areas. Those that love to travel and want to experience what it’s like living and working in different places may be interested in becoming a traveling tech. Hospitals often bring in technicians from different locations when they need fill ins.

There are also opportunities for mobile sonographers. These techs visit people in their home who are unable to get to the hospital or doctor’s office.

Ultrasound Technician Salary

While it depends on the location of where ultrasound technician work, the average salary in 2016 is $70,900. Those working in metropolitan areas are often paid more than those in rural ones are, and sonographer salary in hospitals often higher compared to those in a doctor’s office.

S.No.FAQ'sBrief Description
1.Required Education Associate's Degree is Common; Online Certificates and Bachelor’s Degree Program Also Available Now!
2.CertificateProfessional Certification is Highly Required or Preferred by Many Employers.
3.Projected Job Growth (2015-2020)* 48%
4.Average Salary (2016)*$70,900

Looking at the positives, the future does seem to be full of potential for ultrasound technicians because of the abnormally high projected growth of sonogram technician salary in the industry until 2020 – particularly if you plan to work in California where an ultrasound technician salary has been highest over the past year and demand is growing. Elsewhere, it seems that graduates may have to make a choice between states that have a high demand for technicians and those that will pay them the most. The variables between salaries and possibilities across the country are vast, and those interested should carry out plenty of research before making any career decisions, but it does seem that ultrasound technicians are currently on a prosperous path.

Ultrasound-Technician-Salary-OverviewBecoming an ultrasound tech can be a very rewarding career choice, particularly when it comes to the work carried out and the ability to help the sick and injured, but just how rewarding is it for the technicians themselves given the current climate and state of the industry? This brief ultrasound tech guide will look at the outlook in terms of employment and demand across the United States as well as the potential differences in ultrasound technician salary.

It appears that these technicians have a bright future because demand for their expertise is growing. There is an expected increase of 48% in the USA from now until 2020, which should mean more jobs and better job security, and this is because of an increased demand for these skills in hospitals and similar environments due to the potential for a quick diagnosis and the needs of an ageing population. In 2015, the Top 5 USA states for ultrasound technician salary Highest to lowest – were California, Florida, Texas, New York and Pennsylvania. This is not that surprising given the high population density and wealth of the area, which would equate to a larger number of patients requiring the facilities and a greater demand for specialists. Interestingly, Alabama is bottom of the list, closely followed by more rural areas like Delaware and Wyoming.

Ultrasound Technician Salary In USA (By State)

According to U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics Average Ultrasound technician salary is $29 hourly in 2015/2016 and national average is $70,900 Yearly, with a range of $44,000-$88,500 in USA. Most of the people move to other jobs if they got more than 20 years of experience in health care field. Growth of an ultrasound technician is good and it is according to the individual knowledge.

S.No.State NameAverage Ultrasound Technician Salary
3.American Samoa$65,000
31.New Hampshire$74,750
32.New Jersey$68,250
33.New Mexico$65,500
34.New York$77,840
35.North Carolina$63,500
36.North Dakota$65,540
41.Puerto Rico$66,500
42.Rhode Island$72,450
43.South Carolina$58,540
44.South Dakota$54,560
49.Virgin Islands$71,500
52.Washington DC$74,860
53.West Virginia$64,260

Ultrasound Technician Salary In Other Countries

Based on many factors that usually possess a crucial role on a work and its average salary, based on each country, the income may vary a lot. For example, In the United Kingdom, the ultrasound tech salary is Between £21,050 to £61,050 per year. The experts who are working as people in this field will making a living between £22,050 and £49,050, mentioning again the salary is yearly. A few of the factors which have an effect on a salary in this branch in the United Kingdom involve the type of facility, and also the education and level of knowledge that one has achieved by schools or online courses.

In Canada, based on the work schedule as full time in the medical branch of an ultrasound technologist will get you earnings between CAD$66,110 to CAD$75,150. The hourly sonographer salary which are the highest can be found at Calgary, Alberta reaching from CAD$43.16 per hour, while the lowest salary can be seen in Quebec, Montreal where the hourly income is of CAD$19.25.

In Australia, the hourly wages are influenced also according to numerous factors that can be considered as important points. The hourly ultrasound tech salary is between AU$29.33 and AU$58.71, according to the type of medical facility and the region in which you are working in Australia.

Ultrasound Technician Salary Expectations In 2016

The statistics above would suggest that California, Florida and Texas are the areas that newly qualified sonographer technicians should be aiming for because of the demand; however, the salary earned must play an important part in a technician’s decision of where to work. There is a vast difference in wages across the United States, because of variations in demand, cost of living and other factors, and the highest ultrasound technician salary does not necessarily correlate with those areas that have the biggest demand. California is the exception to the rule, paying the most with an average of $84,750 a year in 2015, but the next two highest are Florida and Texas. On the other end of the scale, the average annual salary in Alabama was just $49,910 and these types of lower wages were more commonly seen in rural states with a lower cost of living, such as South Dakota and West Virginia.

Ultrasound Tech Guide

With this information, you can make an well informed decision if this is the right career path for you. If possible, ask the Sonography department at nearest hospital, or a local doctor’s office if you can shadow a sonogram technician for a day, so you can see exactly what it’s like to work as an ultrasound technician.