What Is An Ultrasound Technician?

An ultrasound technician, also called a diagnostic medical sonographer or just a sonographer, uses what is called an ultrasound scanner to examine the inner organs of the body, as well as tissues and blood flow. Ultrasound scanners are comprised of a computer console with peripheral electronics and a video display and what is called a transducer, the handheld device that is applied to the body and sends out the sound waves. The resulting images immediately show up on the video display in real time.

There are several specialties for ultrasound technician careers. While ultrasound is most commonly associated with pregnancy, wherein the obstetric and gynecologic sonographer takes a real-time image of the fetus to assess its development and health, there are several other fields from which you can choose. An abdominal sonographer looks inside the abdominal area to view the kidneys, liver, gall bladder, bile ducts, pancreas and spleen. An ultrasound technician who specializes in breast Sonography works in tandem with the mammography department to detect breast cancer and track the progression of breast cancer tumors.

Ultrasound TechnicianYou might also specialize in musculoskeletal Sonography, which is 1 of the fastest-growing areas of expertise in the field, focusing on muscles, ligaments, tendons and joints. This is useful for sports injuries and pinpointing abnormalities, as well as guiding therapies. Neurosonographers specialize in the nervous system and brain. Their work diagnoses strokes, brain tumors, fluid build-up and vascular problems.

There are also a number of modes of sonography, all of which you should learn in ultrasound technician school. The most commonly used is A Mode, where a single line is scanned through the body. B Mode uses more lines, creating a 2D image. C Mode combines these, using A Mode for gathering data and B Mode for scanning the findings. M Mode is used in tandem with either A or B and creates video of the image. The Doppler Mode, which has a variety of types including Trans cranial, Color and Continuous, allows for the view of blood flow. Pulse Inversion is used for viewing internal gasses.


Jobs Available

There are several ultrasound technician jobs that you can choose from. The most recognizable is the obstetric and gynecological sonographer, who performs ultrasounds during pregnancy to assess the health and development of the fetus. They also use Sonography to diagnose a number of gynecologic issues.

Abdominal sonographers look inside the abdominal cavity and pelvis to assess organs like the kidneys, liver, gall bladder, pancreas and spleen. By using the Doppler Mode, they can also view blood flow. The imaging helps diagnose conditions like appendicitis, liver enlargement, kidney stones, gallstones and tumors.

Breast sonographers work in complement with mammography’s and are able to use Sonography to detect cancers that mammography can miss.

Neurosonographers assess the central nervous system and brain so that physicians can diagnose strokes, brain tumors, fluid build-up and vascular problems.

Musculoskeletal sonographers, who are seeing high job growth, image muscles, ligaments, tendons and joints. Their work is used in sports medicine and can detect abnormalities with great precision. They can also guide therapies, such as needles for drainage, with accuracy.

Job Duties

The duties of your ultrasound tech job will vary depending on your field, but you should expect to take patient histories, explain the procedure and answer questions. This can be difficult as your patients might be nervous, frightened or very ill or injured. You will prepare the patient by positioning them and applying the gel that allows the sound waves to operate.

You will then perform the initial analysis of the image, checking to see that the physician will have every view needed to make a diagnosis and that each image is clear. Your training will teach you to identify abnormalities and you will be expected to present the doctor with an initial assessment. Finally, you will record the findings and maintain patient records.

Job Outlook

Ultrasound technology jobs are some of the fastest growing in medicine. Sonography allows for a level of diagnosis and treatment previously unavailable and is mostly noninvasive, which improves both treatment and patient comfort. Good ultrasound techs are particularly needed to treat the expanding aging population, who experience more injuries, blood clots and tumors. The expectation is that the need for sonographers will grow 44% by 2020.


The median ultrasound tech salary is $68,900. A starting wage, depending on region, workplace and your experience, can be as low as $44,000, but if you do good work and gain further specialties, you can soon command a higher wage. Top salaries in the field are over $88,500.


The most common degree level ultrasound techs earn is a 2-year associate’s degree. You can also earn a 4-year bachelor’s degree, which will position you to work in a higher-level role as a professional ultrasound tech. There are also 1-year certificates available, but employers will only consider this qualification if you have cross-trained and have already been working in medicine. If you have a degree in radiologic technology or nursing, you might be hired to learn Sonography on the job.

You may also have to earn professional certification in your chosen specialty. Some states will also require a license. You will have to do research to determine what your region expects so that you are prepared for your job search. Once you are practicing, you will also need to take regular continuing education to maintain certification.

Types of Classes

Accredited programs will offer different courses, but you can expect to study monographic images, the abdomen and small organs, obstetric and gynecological ultrasound, vascular ultrasound and ultrasound physics and instrumentation. One of your most important classes will be patient care, which will prepare you for a lot of situations that you will encounter in medicine.

You will also do clinical training and can expect to do at least 1 rotation in each field of Sonography. Most programs will arrange your clinical schedule for you, although if you wish to find your own internship, that option might be available.

Some schools offer didactic education online, but learning to become an ultrasound technician from home should only be pursued if your schedule allows for no other option. Ultrasound techs who have taken coursework online are becoming more accepted by employers, but unless you are cross-training, you will likely find it more beneficial to take campus-based classes.


The fast-growing field of Sonography means that good ultrasound technicians who have trained in accredited programs are in demand. You should attend a school that offers clinical rotations in several fields so that you can choose the specialty you enjoy the most.

Rewarding Careers As An Ultrasound Technician In USA

Ultrasound imaging is one of the most widely incorporated medical diagnostic technologies in the world. Used for capturing images and videos of the internal organs, ultrasound has a range of applications in the medical field and can be used to pinpoint an array of medical concerns. It is no wonder then that there are several employment prospects for qualified ultrasound technicians or medical sonographers in hospitals and diagnostic clinics. If you are interested in a rewarding career as an ultrasound technician, here is a look at what the job entails, the qualifications needed for the position, career growth prospects and specialization in the field.

What does an Ultrasound Technician do?

Ultrasound imaging is a safe and non invasive procedure in which equipment that emits high frequency sonar waves are used to capture images of the internal organs. The patient has to be positioned in a specific angle to get accurate imagery and this is where an ultrasound technician plays a crucial role. These medical professionals are not only responsible for using the equipment correctly but they also have to put the patient at ease and ensure that the tests are carried out properly. They have to ensure that the patient is maneuvered in the right position for the optimal capture of images. Once the images have been taken, the ultrasound technician is also responsible for preparing a detailed report based on the size of the organs. These videos, images and reports are then sent to the patient’s doctor for diagnosis.

Educational Requirements

A career path as an ultrasound technician can be paved by getting a two year associate’s degree in ultrasound technology, a certificate course or even a 4 year bachelor’s degree. The latter will certainly brighten the chances of getting a high paying job for a professional. In order to pursue the educational qualifications required to work as an ultrasound technician, it is imperative to start taking the appropriate courses early on. Ideally, people interested in these careers should ensure that they take health, life and physical science classes along with math, chemistry, biology and also computer science.

The two years associate’s degree course or the certification program can be taken at a local community college or an accredited vocational training center. The best way to find a reputable school is to look online; remember to check the reviews of the institution that you are interested in along with the placement assistance that they provide. There are also several institutions that offer programs which entail online classes and weekend sessions, so that working professionals do not have to quit their jobs. When checking the credentials of a school, ensure that they offer a program/course that is accredited by the Joint Review Committee on Education in Diagnostic Medical Sonography.

Ultrasound Specialization

Because ultrasound technology has immense diagnostic scope, it is used in various branches of medical science which offers people a greater choice when it comes to specialization in the field. An individual interested in ultrasound technician jobs can choose to work in specific divisions of a hospital such as vascular or gynecological sonography. The different specialization options available for ultrasound technicians include:

Abdominal Sonography: Technicians working in this area of ultrasound imagery help to take images and videos of organs and tissue in the abdominal cavity; this includes the liver, kidneys, gall bladder, spleen etc. The job of an ultrasound technician in this case not only involves capturing images but also noting any organ enlargement or abnormalities in the abdominal region.

Cardiovascular Sonography: Technicians who handle cardiovascular sonography are responsible for conducting diagnostic tests such as a cardiography which is a sonogram of the heart, its valves and the coronary system. This is a widely used test to determine anomalies that may result in grievous cardiac ailments.

Gynecological and Obstetric Sonography: This is among the most common functions of an ultrasound technician. Sonography is commonly used to ensure proper fetal growth through the various stages of pregnancy and anomalies in the female reproductive system including the cervix, bladder, fallopian tubes, uterus and the ovaries.

Vascular sonography: Another crucial application of ultrasound technology, vascular sonography helps the physician to ascertain the presence of coronary concerns including blockages in the blood vessels that may lead to fatalities. Vascular sonography is often conducted to determine if a patient might need an angiography.

Neurosonology: This specialty of the technology deals with it applications to the central nervous system. Neurosonology is commonly used to assess the neural damage after a stroke and also to find abnormalities and tumors in the brain.

Ophthalmic sonography: Ultrasound technology is also used in ophthalmology to obtain images of the eye.

Where do Ultrasound Technicians work?

Although it is normally perceived that ultrasound technicians work out of hospitals, diagnostic imaging centers and physician’s offices, their services may also be required in the ER from time to time to help the physicians accurately diagnose the condition of a trauma victim. Apart from this, ultrasound technicians also play a prominent role in gynecological clinics where they are entrusted the task of performing routine pregnancy check ups.

Potential for growth

The demand for diagnostic medical sonographers is higher than most other employment prospects in the medical sector. This means that professionals interested in this career path will be making a sound decision by getting the requisite qualifications needed to get a job in the field. Once certified, a qualified professional can easily find employment with major hospitals in any part of the country. The average salary range for ultrasound technicians is between $30,000 to $ 80,000, with the higher pay reserved for professionals with ten or more years of experience.

Ultrasound Technicians Salary Information in USA

The ultrasound technician salary range varies by region, employer and experience. For example, you will earn a different salary based on whether you are working for a public or private healthcare facility, and salaries can be much higher or lower in certain states. New graduates will always start at the base pay, but if you have more ultrasound tech certifications, you can increase your salary quickly.

Base ultrasound technician salaries can be as low as $16 an hour, but the lowest range tends to be closer to $44,000 a year. The median ultrasound tech pay is $64,900, while those at the top of the profession earn over $88,000. Experience, combined with further certifications earned from the American Registry for Diagnostic Medical Sonography, will boost your salary when it comes time for your performance review.

Ultrasound technician assistant salaries ranking among various highest incomes of all medical related technician fields. Therefore, Monster.com referred to as diagnostics medical sonography just as the 2nd very best paying career you can find having an associates college degree, as examined to other associate college degree owners. High earnings possibilities, combined implementing great work outlook, tends to make sonography a well-liked option.

Ultrasound Tech Salary In USA

Salary growth is based both on the nature of the facility and on your work. An ultrasound technician earning the base pay will undergo an annual review to determine job performance and what sort of salary increase is reasonable. You can tip the ultrasound tech salary payscale for someone of your grade if you have earned further certifications. It is not uncommon for an ultrasound technician to have 5 or more certifications. This allows you to be flexible in your work and makes you a top candidate if you decide to move elsewhere.

Ultrasound tech salaries are on the rise overall. A 2006 survey by CNN ranked sonography as 1 of the 10 best-paying jobs for people with associates degrees. At that time, the ultrasound tech average salary was $52,490. With a leap of over $10,000 in 6 years, there has never been a better time to explore this career. Even though some states will have fewer job openings and you might need to work part-time at the outset, there is enormous room for growth and ultrasound technician career advancement.

ultrasound technician salary

Bureau of Labor Statistic comes with most recently released the exact current statistics for an annually sonography earnings. In the calendar year of 2014, these types of professionals made around $67,000+ per year or so. This particular amount is significantly higher as compared to the nationwide average of $42,700 a year. Ultrasound professionals received around $32.95 compared in order to the nationwide average of $21 in an hour. A good ultrasound technical assistant income is normally combined with paid out time off, vacation pay, along with insurance coverage benefits.

As a fresh graduate, you are not advised to negotiate on your initial ultrasound technician pay offer. Instead, take the opportunity to throw yourself into the job, show off your great training and prove that you are worth a higher wage. However, if you already have some work under your belt, ultrasound technician salaries are a free-for-all in this market. There are some areas where sonography is in very high demand, and it will not be unusual to see a good, highly certified ultrasound technician earning well over $75,000, despite not having many years of experience. Employers will want to hire you and offer a lucrative pay and benefits package if you have an excellent record and bring a lot to the table.

In addition to further certifications, higher degrees can boost an ultrasound technician pay. You might decide to pursue a bachelors or masters degree in the field. These degrees might ultimately take you away from patient care, but they will open new vistas in healthcare management, the shaping of public policy, research and teaching the new crop of ultrasound technicians.

Ultrasound Technician Schools In USA

If you are thinking about entering into the medical field then you are not alone. There are many people just like you who are thinking about the ultrasound technician schools and for a lot of good reasons. The medical field is one industry that continues to grow and that offers more long term security than many other professions. And once you receive the proper training you can start your career right away.Within this industry, there are many options and becoming an ultrasound technician is just one of them. Ultrasound technicians are also referred to as sonographers and when you’ve received your training you will be operating ultrasound machinery on your patients. The ultrasound machines uses sound waves to take images of internal organs and tissues that can then be used to help with a diagnosis that can help to treat diseases or medical problems. Ultrasounds are also used to take pictures of fetus that is developing in a woman – this can help to ensure the baby is healthy and also determine the sex if the parents want to know.

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In order to become an ultrasound technician you need to attend a recognized ultrasound technician school. This school should be accredited so that you can then write the follow up certification exam. Finding the right ultrasound technician training is very important. You want to find a training course that will work for you and your current lifestyle. There are several different options including taking courses online or at a community college or training school that is nearby where you live.

If you take your training through an online ultrasound tech school that is online then you can also keep working either fulltime or part time. You can work your schedule around your other obligations including taking care of your family and you can work at your own pace. You want to choose the courses that you need in order to complete your training and get out there working as soon as possible.

Depending on which ultrasound technician school you attend you could complete all the necessary training from anywhere between nine months and four years. There are obviously different levels of degrees and certifications that you can obtain. You can attend a university, a tech school, a college or even a hospital. The training should contain laboratory work as well as hands on training. And if you have a background in science or healthcare that can help you to gain admittance to the school you want to attend.

ultrasound technician schoolsSome of the training classes that you will be required to take will include anatomy, physiology, basic physics, medical ethics, instrumentation, and also how to care for patients properly. Once you graduate you could find work in a variety of places including a hospital, a private clinic or doctor’s office. You could be required to take care of the patients from anywhere to admitting to completing the paperwork, administration, ordering supplies, taking care of the machines, ordering the supplies as well as operating the ultrasound machines.

Depending on where you find employment you could earn as much as $65,000 a year with the right ultrasound technician training. This salary will depend on other factors as well including where you end up finding a job, the location, as well as experience and current demand in your area.

There are a lot of options once you receive your ultrasound technician training and currently there are a number of good job opportunities available from small towns to larger more urban centers. Opportunities do vary from state to state so it’s a good idea to check around in your own location to see what might be available. Some people choose to move locations in order to further their education and their career so this might be something that you need to consider as well.

So if you are seriously considering becoming an ultrasound technician as a career then you have come to the right place to find out more about what you need to know in order to be successful. Finding the right ultrasound technician school is a good start. From there you can choose courses that will work into your schedule and then you can start your training right away.

Many jobs are found through word of mouth and so once you have taken the first few steps toward this very exciting career you want to start getting the word out that you are going to be ready to start working. Ask around at your local health care centers and providers. Go to your local hospital and clinics and inquire what kind of employment available they are expecting. You can also go to local employment centers and make sure that you are hooked into all the right avenues to help promote your availability.

This can really be the start of a career that you will enjoy for many years to come. So read on further article so that you have all the information you need in order to be as successful as you can possibly be.

Benefits of Being an Ultrasound Technician in USA – FAQs

The ultrasound technician, also known as a good sonographer, is accountable to any connectivity to the ultrasound unit and required to be an authority in the field of ultrasonography. The ultrasound tech should be aware of the different facets that a transducer can be placed for capturing many different snaps of the system. The transducer sends high-frequency waves in direction of tissues to make an image that is definitely shown with a computer screen. The pc also examines sounds and supplies the doctor along with a complete offer in order to spot and cure all types of health concerns.

Benefits of Being an Ultrasound TechnicianUltrasound techs are expected to help interact with all of patients to make sure they feel comfortable together with relaxed during the entire procedure. Those which enjoy cooperating with technology and may also learn the important skills have the prospect to become fine ultrasound technologists. Each technologist is responsible for taking patient facts, following unique doctor referrals, defining rapport findings, encouraging patients all over each technique, and adhering to various guidance. To accomplish these kind of tasks with no trouble, technicians will need to learn how to review technical facts and keep on being focused while in each review.

Because engineering is regularly being kept up to date, including ultrasound machines, ultrasound technicians need to stay caught up with latest updates together with trends. Techs that forget to accomplish this purpose risk often the reputation of often the medical industry as well as company many people work for.

Being an ultrasound technician will continue to keep grow in desire because ultrasound technology are invariably in demand later in life. The medical care industry is actually striving to seek out new ways to increase its proper care of the public, thus offering a reliable career for all in this arena. Imaging techniques are becoming essential for other medical care professionals to carry out their employment. Taking that into consideration, individuals who are equipped together with skilled to address ultrasound products for health facilities can get the worthwhile opportunity to do the job alongside health technology control professionals. An ultrasound technician must know the best way to interact with affected individuals and medical professionals in a tranquil and comfortable technique. The Department of Job Statistics records that a regular sonographer takes $64, 380 a year together with many other different types of compensation. That amount enhances with experience.

FAQ’s – You Can Also Provide more Questions for these FAQ’s

What is a ultrasound technician?

An ultrasound tech is definitely the professional liable for working ultrasound equipment so that you can capture essential images the fact that doctors together with physicians can make use of to spot a poor patient.

Great! Do my own grades ought to be to get into ultrasound tech institutions?

Depending on the method type together with prestige on the school you’ve chosen, ultrasound technician programs will be no different than different post masterly programs. The more expensive your qualities, the better probability to thrive in a very higher level knowledge program. Nonetheless you can find a college that fits your wants no matter what your own personal grades resemble.

Are there a number of subjects I always can do on school as well as anything else I can also do to assist to get into the perfect course for an university as well as ultrasound technician school?

Figures and scientific disciplines classes, mainly anatomy style courses, reveals a school prepared interests. You may as well opt to have some of the expected training even though attending school.

What credentials do I have when I comprehensive my ultrasound technician instruction?

Once you have done your instruction you are permitted take the expected examinations to get certification. The moment these assessments have been handed down, you are officially sanctioned in the field.

The time does it take to acquire my ultrasound tech credentials?

It depends in the education method you choose. A good certificate method will take in regards to year. A associates method will take with regards to two years. A good bachelors method will take with regards to four several years.

Can I accomplish ultrasound technician training or perhaps and be employed well?

Quite a few schools give part-time sign up. Contact the colleges you are interested in for more info about their insurance policies.

Is it rare a job just as one ultrasound technician once you are experienced?

No . The need for these authorities is continuing to grow and plenty of facilities happen to be hiring for all those positions.

Which ultrasound technician jobs will i get when i complete my own degree?

There are several specializations that one could work in. Quite a few career trails include precise technologist, radiologic technologist, health technologist, PET CAT scan technologist, and ultrasound technologist.

As i is doing the job as an ultrasound tech, what’s going to I possibly be doing everyday?

An ultrasound tech treats patients, collects their track record, works with ultrasound equipment, blends with doctors to help diagnose almost any issues, and completes management tasks. There are several things that a good tech does indeed every day.

What are the licensing prerequisites for an ultrasound technician?

Certainly. You must comprehensive an accredited knowledge program together with pass the specified exams.

Are usually salary array for an ultrasound technician?

Often the salary array for an ultrasound technician the United States is concerning $39, 1000 and $80, 000. For just a technician nationwide, the constant rate can be between AU$28. 23 together with AU$59. 61 In Canada, often the salary varieties from CAD$65, 010 together with CAD$75, 010. In the UK, often the salary varieties between £20, 050 together with £60, 050.