Ultrasound Technician Salary In 2015/2016

The gross annual salary for the employment title of Ultrasound Technician may possibly vary based on many factors which includes industry, organization size, area, many years of working experience and education level. Our expert team of Skilled Compensation Experts has examined survey data gathered through thousands of HUMAN RESOURCES departments at organizations in all sizes and even industries to provide this range with yearly salary for people today with the employment title Ultrasound Technician in the USA.

An ultrasound technician salary during 2016 may range around $44,500 and $88,000 along with the average around $70,900. A profession as an ultrasound specialist is fascinating and offers an encouraging future along with wonderful benefits and pay. Probably the most appealing things about turning out to be an ultrasound specialist is the little bit of education needed. Many universities offer training program that can easily be accomplished in just a year or even less. Obviously, the more knowledge and training an individual complete may also bring an improved salary. Your knowledge aspirations should certainly match your job goals in USA.

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The career of ultrasound technicians is really a growing health and fitness sector and is a top demand job. To become competitive in your job market, you must have the highest quality and maximum level knowledge available to get yourself a much better ultrasound tech salary. As with numerous medical related and technical professions, there is continuous training so each technical assistant will stay updated with any kind of changes within the industry.

Thеѕе are thе medical fields thаt provided thе highest levels оf employment salaries fоr these occupation, thеir rеѕресtivе ave. annual incomes are:

  • General Medical аnd Surgical Hospitals – $66,790
  • Offices оf Physicians – $66,700
  • Medical аnd Diagnostic Laboratories – $64,300
  • Outpatient Care Centers – $72,000
  • Colleges, Universities, аnd Professional Schools – $74,900

Location-wise, thеѕе wеrе thе states thаt provided thе highest employment salaries fоr thе ultrasound occupation:

  • California – $86,000
  • Florida – $58,000
  • Texas – $64,000
  • Nеw York – $66,000
  • Pennsylvania – $58,000

Thе stated figures involve thе mоѕt comprehensive statistics till writing this article. Thе numbers showed a steady trend thаt continues uр tо thе present in 2016.

The income of a good ultrasound technical assistant will depend on the area of work. A big healthcare facility provides the means to offers better income so that they can catch the attention of more knowledgeable and qualified job pool compared to a smaller physician’s workplace. However, income really should not be the only real reason you decide a profession as an ultrasound specialist. This industry really should be something you are serious and have a passion and interest.

The following are Ultrasound Technician Job Titles:

  • Chief Ultrasound Technologist
  • Ultrasound Technologist
  • Surgical Technologist
  • Radiologic Technologist
  • Medical Technologist (ASCP)
  • Chief Radiologic Technologist
  • Chief MRI Technologist
  • CAT Scan Technologist
  • Chief Diagnostic Imaging Operations Technologist
  • Chief Nuclear Medicine Technologist

In case you may go after a profession as Chief Ultrasound Technician, you may possibly end way up with a great ultrasound technician salary in 2015/2016 as high as $89,000. This particular position is liable for the specialized areas of the services include ultrasound. You would probably work together with technologists, medical professionals, and even support staffs.

A career of Ultrasound Technologist can easily get you an income as high as $69,000. A good ultrasound technologists functions analysis sonographic scannings using ultrasonic machines to find, examine, and even track record of critical information.

A Surgical Technical Assistant prepares and even maintains the medical equipment for the surgical procedure and also accomplishes any preparation that a patient may possibly need. As being a Surgical Technologist, you can expect to have an ultrasound tech income in 2015/2016 of around $42,000.

The Radiologic Technician is in charge of arranging patients on the proper postures for radiological checkups and securing the individual from overexposure to the radiation. They generate x-rays to assist in the identification of a person symptoms. These kinds of professionals make around $55,000 yearly.

The Medical Technician executes the analysis tests on patient trial samples and may even support health professionals during this process of figuring out a problem. These kinds of professionals will also be responsible for supervising the state of numerous health conditions. They usually make around $64,000 per year.

The Chief Radiologic Technician can make salary with as much as $74,000. These people oversee radiologic expert services and look after the technical areas of radiologic essential safety. Apart from these essential jobs, the technologist examines the accuracy and reliability of each and every x-rays.

A Chief MRI Specialist supervises all work the magnetic of resonance zone and examines the reliability and level of quality of each and every MRI scan. Generally these technologists likewise plan work responsibilities and coordinate needs for expert services. A typical income in this particular career is usually $79,500.

The CAT Scans Technician obtain the patients medical background, explains regular types of procedures to the patient, tackles the patients problems, creates digital tomographic scanner radiograph of particular areas, and even executes obstetric gynecological scanning as required. This specific profession generally makes an ultrasound specialist earnings of $66,000.

A occupation as being a Chief Diagnostic Imaging Operation Technician features a great ultrasound technical assistant income of around $88,000. These technologists are usually liable for directing almost all Analysis Imaging Division operations and in addition they supervise new tests methods and manage any recommended maintenance of department services.

The Chief Nuclear Medication Technical Assistant has a wide range of responsibilities and even typically tends to make an ultrasound technician wage of $85,000. These are responsible for management oversight with their division.

As anyone can see, there are numerous career paths that the ultrasound technician may possibly choose. Select the one which is best suited for you personally. Which one sound probably the most fascinating? Which do you own a desire for? It is very important select the path which usually seems pleasurable and comfy to suit your needs, so that you will do not find yourself in a career which you dislike. Income is essential, however it is far more important to have fun with your job because it is hard to switch in the future.


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    The gross annual salary for different ultrasound technicians varies based on many factors which includes industry, exact job description and organization. However, it’s a very good overview.

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