Diagnostic Medical Sonographer Training Program and Courses

Medical imaging technology is a latest and exciting technology for diagnostic medical Sonographers.

Diagnostic Medical Sonography Programs (DMS):

Department of allied health science of hunter business school is offering 20 month, comprehensive diploma course in medical Sonography. This program provides extensive coursework in the field of Abdominal Sonography, small parts Sonography, Ob/gyn Sonography, Cardiac Sonography, and Neonatal Neurosonography. Large portion of this program is dedicated placement at various clinic, hospital, and radiology practices. The diversity of medical settings will provide students very good opportunity to develop their skills in scanning and help them to fully integrate academic knowledge with direct, and hands on clinical practical.

Registry Examination programs:

Graduates are officially able to sit in the registry exam which are organized by American Registered University for Diagnostic Medical Sonography.

Career Opportunities:

Future of a diagnostic medical Sonographer is very wide and enhanced. Medical Sonographer may find career opportunities in medical and beyond such as in:

• Hospital departments
• Mobile ultrasound companies
• Private physicians offices
• Medical research
• Ultrasound manufacturing corporations
• Veterinary ultrasound

Business School for Diagnostic Medical Sonographer:

Hunter Business School:

• Hunter school is nationally accredited by the Accrediting council for independent schools and colleges.
• Complete job placement is available
• Licensed and registered by NYS Education Department Bureau of Propriety school supervision.
• Scholarship available for those who qualify in the written exams.

Courses and their codes offered by DMS:

1. Vital signs: DMS 101:- This course is offered by DMS and time duration for this course is only 15 hours, it provides the applicant with the skills and knowledge to carry out some emergency first aid for life threatening situation at the workplace only. Students familiarize with these topics like: – Management of choking and other breathing technique, Measurement and identification of vital signs, severe allergic reactions, shock, wound care and bleeding, automated external defibrillators, cardiopulmonary resuscitation, infection control etc.

2. Medical Terminology: DMS 102:- Medical terminology is very useful for student to improve their communication skills. This course will help in the technical world of ultrasound. Students become familiar with the terms and meaning, vocabulary etc. Time period of this course is 40 hours.

3. Introduction to DMS/Ethics/Patient’s care: – 103:- Main goal of this program is to prepare students for the clinical placement. Students must know about patient’s right, obligation of a Sonographer to the patients, HIPPA regulations, institution, care of special patients with the special needs in the ultrasound division, all body machine which are used in ultrasound process etc.Time period of this course is 80 hours.

4. Anatomy and Physiology: – This course provides comprehensive study of all human organisms with the help of structure and function of its part. Starting of this is from the basic understanding of whole cellular system. Covered topics are: Communication, Support and Movement, Circulatory System, Digestive System, Respiratory, Control and Integration; Transportation and Defense; Nutrition and Excretion; and Reproduction and Development. Time period of this course is 75 hours.

5. Cross Sectional Anatomy I: DMS111:- In this course student can expand their knowledge of cross-sectional anatomy of the human. All the identification skills developed under this section. Time duration of this course is 40 hours.

6. Cross Sectional Anatomy II: – student will continue with the cross sectional anatomy of human body parts. Time duration of this course is 15 hours only.

7. Acoustic Physics: – For diagnostic study understanding of ultrasound physics is necessary and this course provide all basic things related to the ultrasound process. Time duration of this course is 40 hours.

8. Sono Procedure 1 A: – This course is the initial stage for the study of Sonographic evolution of superficial and abdominal structures. All normal and abnormal condition will be discussed in this section with the help of cross sectional images. Time duration for this course is 55 hours.

9. Sono Procedure 2 A: – Students will be familiar with all normal and abnormal Sonographic conditions. Time duration for this course is 55 hours.

10. General Sonography: – This course provide practices techniques, in this students can scan each other for obtaining good result.

11. Sono Procedure 2 B: – This is the second part of the sonographic evolution of abdominal. And time duration for this course is 55 hours.

DMS offers so many other courses for medical Sonographer like:-

General Sonography, Seminars in advanced topics, Critical thinking, and Professional development, registry review, Cardiac Sonography, clinical externship etc.