Diagnostic Medical Sonographer Salary In USA

Career of a medical Sonographer is on boom now. Diagnostic medical Sonographer is person who uses ultrasounds technology to analyze the problems. This diagnostic medical Sonographer also known as ultrasound technician and they are from an integral part of the clinical community.

Diagnostic Medical Sonographer:

These professional Sonographers assist doctors and physicians with various tasks, starting from the previous history of patients to performing all ultra sound tests. They are employed in clinics, hospital, private medical centers. Like all other jobs these jobs also come the uncertainty of working times, diagnostic medical Sonographer must be ready to get work with some short notice. But the good thing is that they are paid relatively well, so the good salary will overcome the working hours.

Various ways to get admitted in this profession and the most common program is to complete 2 or 4 year Associate degree program that earns you an Bachelor’s degree in this field. But it is advisable to become a registered medical Sonographer.

Role of a Sonographer is very important for helping doctors to know where in the body do complications and problem exist. Sonographer is responsible for the ultra sound and devices on the body of patients to record the area of disorder. All medical jobs are safe from the word recession. Starting salary for diagnostic medical Sonographer is recorded as 55,000 $.

Factors Affect the Salary Range:

There are so many factors that affect the salary range very easily and most of them are listed here.

1. Education: Education is the very important factor. Education includes all the certification and the degree program. Candidate should be from any registered university etc.

2. Years of Experience: Experience makes a big difference in the salary range; you can easily earn salary in 6 figures with the 5 year experience. Here we’ve a general table for the employees.

• Freshers :- 35,000$ to 50,000$
• 1 to 4 years experience :- 49,000$ to 60,000$
• 5 to 9 years experience :- 56,000$ to 77,000$
• 10 to 19 years experience :- 66,000$ to 83,000$
• 20 + experience :- 67,000 to 93,000$

3. State of Employment: Range of salary can increase and decrease according to the state. Some state paying more than other states. California and New York are the best states in these fields.

• Georgia :- 41,000$ to 57,000$
• Ohio :-$48,000 to $61,000$
• Florida:- $48,000 to $64,000
• New York:- $49,000 to $66,000
• Texas :-$51,000 to $77,000
• New Jersey: – $59,000 to $66,000

4. City of employment:  City of the working place is also play very important role in the salary range.

• Miami :- $27,000 to $57,000
• Atlanta :-$39,000 to$49,000
• Dallas :- $40,000 to $71,000
• Orlando :- $29,000 to $84,000
• Seattle :- $54,000 to $93,000

5. Area of Placement:  Area of placement is also very important for good salary it may be private, government etc. If you’re working in the private sector you may get salary in between 45,000$ to 75,000$

Most of the Diagnostic Medical Sonographer work for full time. So it is another very important factor for the sonographers salary. If Sonographer is working for full day, salary is much higher as comparatively half day employee.